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Click a question and our response will unfold below the question. 

1.       How does MySQIF™ Privacy App work?  


  1. Currently, MySQIF™ only operates on Microsoft Windows PC, Windows 10 or higher. Other operating systems and devices are planned. The app does run in Mac and Linux that have the Windows virtual machine Parallels or Virtual Box by Oracle installed, respectively.

  2. Click Sign Up. Enter your name, email address, and desired password.

  3. Receive a Confirmation email from MySQIF™. Confirm it.

  4. Click on DOWNLOAD MYSQIF BUILD N.N.N.N (the "N" represents a unique number for the most current version or build.

  5. The MySQIF™ app ZIP package will be downloaded to your Downloads folder by default, unless you change that folder location.

  6. Double-click the file.

    Ns are numbers unique to the latest version, e.g., which would be typed

  7. Double-click the mysqif_N.N.N.N folder.

  8. Double-click the mysqif_N.N.N.N_x86.msix file (this MSIX file is ~44 Mbytes).

  9. Choose Install (or if already installed) Reinstall. If installed, you will choose Launch.

10. The MySQIF™ icon will appear in the Windows menu (click the Start button and look for MySQIF icon listed alphabetically).

11. Right-click on MySQIF™ icon, hover over "More", then select Pin to taskbar.

12. The MySQIF™ will then permanently display on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

13. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

14. You’re ready to send a MySQIF™-encrypted file to a Recipient.

If you get stuck, quickly call the MySQIF™ support team at (614) 890-1986 or Email MySQIF™ Customer Service

2.       Why do I need MySQIF™ Privacy App™ since I already have encryption in my network security? White Paper.


Read this: White Paper. (Jun. 06, 2024). MySQIF™ Privacy App™ augments an organization's internal security - One of the most frequently asked questions about MySQIF™ Privacy App™ by networking security engineers is: Why do I need it since I already have encryption in my network securit?

3.       What operating system is required?


Windows 10 or higher. To put a fine point on this: Windows 10.0.19041 (Build 19041) or higher. All Windows Updates need to be current. Also, from the Microsoft Store | Library  make sure the following app modules are installed: WinAppRuntime.Singleton, WinAppRuntime.Main.1.5, App Installer, and Webp Image Extensions.

MySQIF™  also runs nicely in Apple Mac where a Windows virtual machine like "Parallels" is installed.

MySQIF™  also runs nicely in Linux where a Windows "Virtual Box by Oracle" is installed.

We recommend that you ask a local geek to assist you with installing MySQIF™ if you are inexperienced or uncomfortable with such activities. (Be sure to ask them to place the MySQIF™ Privacy App™ launch icon on your taskbar trey at the bottom of your screen on the same line as your Windows Start icon.

4.       How many steps are involved with successfully sending a MySQIF™-encrypted file?  


  1. Just a few. Let’s assume that both Sender and Receiver are signed up.
  2. Step 1: Enter a person’s name and their email address, and point to the file on your device that you want to send. Click Invite.
  3. Step 2: The prospective Recipient clicks YES, send me the file.
  4. Step 3: The Sender clicks SEND.
  5. Step 4: The Recipient clicks DECRYPT.
  6. That’s it!
5.       Does the MySQIF master key ever pass through the Internet?  


  1. No. It only ever exists for a split second on the Sender’s device while encrypting, and the Recipient’s device while decrypting.
  2. Then, the one-time MySQIF™ master key disappears.
6.       Does my MySQIF-encrypted file ever pass through the Internet?  


  1. Yes, while your transaction interacts with the MySQIF™ web server.
  2. Once the Sender clicks SEND, his/her half-key and the encrypted passes to his/her MySQIF™ profile in a pending folder.
  3. Once the Recipient is notified of the pending status, he/she clicks DECRYPT. The encrypted file is then passed to the Recipient along with the Sender’s half-key. The pending information dissolves. A master key is then created on the Recipient’s device and the file is decrypted. The Recipient’s master key then dissolves.
  4. Nothing remains except the target file that is now safely on the Recipient’s device.
  5. The half-keys are useless to a predator.
  6. The encrypted file is also useless to a predator since the master key never passes through the Internet and dissolve immediately after use.
7.       Does my intended Recipient have to be a MySQIF™ subscriber also?  


  1. No! They can be a free, read-only Recipient that enables them to decrypt your files. In that case, an email from you will give them a link to download the app for free and use it in read-only mode. The common app is vital to being able to send and receive your files with MySQIF™ powerful one-time master keys.
  2. However, if your Recipient wants to start sending MySQIF™-encrypted files to others, they will then need to Sign Up for themselves.
8.       Why should I care about privacy? I have nothing to hide.  


Your privacy is a God-given right. No government or corporation has the right to take it away from you. However, privacy is like a muscle. You must use and exercise it to keep it strong and able to serve you. If you fail to protect your privacy, tyrants and bullies are always more than willing to control you. Violation of privacy rights was one of the chief complaints of America's Founding Fathers against British King George III. He was ordering his troops to search colonist property and seize whatever they liked without notice and without a warrant. Use it, strive to keep it, or lose it.

9.       More on: “I have nothing to hide.”  


  1. Tyrants use “fishing expeditions” to try and entrap citizens. Fine, you don’t have anything to hide, you think. However, tyrants and their scumbag attorneys use the results of unwarranted searches and seizures to fabricate evidence against you. For example, you have an unsolicited email from a child pornographer that you never even opened, and you did not know it was there. To unscrupulous lawyers, that is enough probable cause to arrest you, get a warrant, search your home again, place more incriminating evidence on your computer, and get you locked up. This would not have happened had the authorities respected your privacy at the outset.
  2. The famous statement attributed to Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s secret police chief was “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime,” is the paradigmatic example of what the rule of law is not. Without privacy, tyrants will fabricate your "crimes" from your own information, however innocent or innocuous you think it is.
10.       Why is polymorphic mathematics so much better for encryption?  

Answer. The keys used are one-time for a single encryption. They are first divided into shards whose number varies with each encryption. In other words, no two sets of shards are the same and there is no pattern for a predator to detect. Without detectable patterns, polymorphic ciphers are much more difficult to decrypt by brute force. For more, read Modeling Polymorphic Ciphers by Carlson, Dutta, Ghosh, and Totaro.

11.       Decrypting a MySQIF™ file takes three lifetimes of the universe! Seriously?  

Answer. Yes. Brute force is the technique a predator must use to break an encrypted file. That methodology is essentially trial and error. Try this. See what happens. Try that. See what happens. This continues into the millions or billions of times until each potent key combination is tried. It’s like having a wad of keys to unlock a door, but not knowing until you try them one at a time until you find the right key. The number of password possibilities with the current “gold standard”, AES-256 is 10300. For MySQIF™ that number is 101500. The difference here astronomical. It’s like the different between a pencil dot for AES and the Milky Way for MySQIF™. The number of possible keys would take three lifetimes of the universe to work through with MySQIF™.

12.     I am using social networking for free now. Why should I start paying Leader Technologies for my license? It is not my fault social networking was stolen. Why should I care?


  1. Correct, you are an unknowing accomplice in the enjoyment of stolen property. Now that you know that, you have a moral and legal responsibility. Even young children understand the fundamental unfairness here. We asked an eight year old for his iPhone. We proposed to them we’d give it back with all the apps removed so they could just use the phone for voice calls because the inventor of those apps, Leader Technologies, had never been compensated for a license to use their invention for which they had invested $20 million to invent. We asked him if he thought that was fair? He responded, No! That is not fair! They should be paid. He thought for a minute and said, I don’t have any money to pay Leader, but my Dad does! OK Dad, it's time to set a moral example to your son.
  2. Possession and enjoyment of stolen property is a felony if you know it is stolen. If you did not know it is stolen, as in the case with most users of social networking, you may get a pass. But, once you know it was stolen, you may be liable for your past free use of that property.
  3. Leader has created a way out of this moral quagmire that was created by government and corporate thieves. It is an elegant and simple solution where you get a two-fer. The most advanced privacy encryption on the market, and a fully paid up personal license to use social networking on all your devices and platforms legally. This is all for the cost of a cheap Netflix subscription (another infringer).
13.     Do I need to register my Crack-it! Activity with you?  


  • No, unless you want to.
  • The proof is in the pudding.
  • If you read to us the contents of the Crack-it! file, and tell us how you did it, and verify your work in writing, that is proof enough that you are legitimate. No further validation is necessary.
14.     What documentation will I receive showing that I am a fully-paid up Licensee of Leader® Technologies social networking inventions?

Answer. Your MySQIF™ Activity Board will have a link to your Leader license that you can download.

15.     Can I send a MySQIF™ file to a group of recipients at one time?  


  1. Currently, no.
  2. Part of the magic of MySQIF™ is in the exchange of two unique half-key “fingerprints” from the Sender and Receiver’s devices. Those two keys are used to make a third master key that is used to encrypt the file on the Sender’s side, and decrypt the file on the Receiver’s side.
  3. This process requires two physical devices.
  4. Later, we may develop a group list function, but the fundamental need to have each Recipient respond back with their unique half key will not change.
  5. In lieu of a formal address book, we suggest that you used Notepad or Textpad and make a list of the people you want to sqif. Hotlink that list file to your Desktop for quick access. Then, you can cut and paste their email on the Initiate File Transfer dialog.
16.     Is “computer security” a fact, an opinion, or a ruse?  


  1. Honestly, it is mostly a ruse. That is putting it nicely. It is really a deception, a lie, a confidence trick whereby those in power exploit it for greed and power.
  2. Lots of nice-sounding words and phrases are used to describe computer security. Those words include trust, secure, private, safe, locked, shut, closed, sealed, impenetrable, assurance, certitude, protected, reliable, assure, ensure.
  3. However, the British and U.S. governments and their ultra-secret “Five Eyes” “special relationship” went all out to place universal back doors in encryption in the early 1990's after Rhodes Scholar drop out groom Bill Clinton came to power. They also set out to create a public key infrastructure (PKI/PKE) that would be a toll booth on the Internet to pay them handsomely in retirement. Whenever you see https:// think British and U.S. Pilgrims Society grifter.
  4. With backdoors to read everything in the Internet of Things, nothing is secure, safe or trusted. Nothing.
  5. So why haven’t more computer and mathematics professionals spoken up about this confidence trick? Because they are one or more: a participant in the grift, paid off, threatened, or lack the courage. It is well known that cryptologist Phil Zimmerman stood up to the bullying and refused to put the Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm in Pretty Good Privacy.
  6. MySQIF™’s mathematicians have been similarly bullied and have resisted the pressure to violate citizen trust for the sake of “national security.”
  7. National security is a euphemism for a penchant for greed and power.
  8. Moral mathematics and computing. Now that is a refreshing thought.
  9. MySQIF™ is committed to supporting your moral rights in the Bill of Rights.
17.     How does MySQIF™ Privacy App™ compare to a VPN (Viritual Private Network)

Dr. Carlson says, "I am often asked about the difference between MySQIF™ encryption and a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN uses one of several encryption protocols like IPSEC, TLS, or SSL (The "https://" on your browser address line). All of these protocols are well known to be broken. One might think that double or triple encryption using these protocols might make a data stream more secure. It does not, it merely changes the point of vulnerability. Three cracked eggs are still cracked."

Dr. Carlson concludes, "Remarkably, VPN vendors are in no hurry to fix their vulnerabilities. The logical question is why? Once a predator knows the VPN vendor, the data packet routes are set and don't change, so tapping into a data stream needs only one cooperating server running a Cisco router in the stream to intercept, crack and read the data. Sadly, Cisco enables this immoral behavior. Current VPNs are little more than honeypots for predators, in my opinion."

"MySQIF™'s polymorphic mathematics makes the data contents infintely more unbreakable, and certainly unbreakable in many lifetimes."

19.    Can I sign up from a .gov, .mil,,,, or email account?


No, not until the U.S. government, in conspiracy with the British government, the Pilgrims Society, The City of London, and the British Crown, Open Atom, National Infrastructure Assurance/Advisory Council compensates Leader Technologies pursuant to the First Amended Miller Act Notice for their theft of Leader's social networking inventions. 

20.   Why is my email domain being blocked from Sign Up?


According to our best information, the owner of your email domain is a co-conspirator with the U.S. government, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the DoD Office of Net Assessment (weaponization of inventions), U.S. National Infrastructure Assurance/Advisory Council (NAIC); the Highlands Group; the Senior Executive Service (SES); in conspiracy with the British government; the British Pilgrims Society; The City of London; British Crown; The Knights of Malta English Priory; Crown Agents; Admiralty; Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office; MI6, MI4, GCHQ; and Open Atom (China); has failed maliciously to compensate for the theft of Leader's social networking inventions pursuant to the First Amended Miller Act Notice.

These fascist government agencies have conspired with numerous “public-private partnerships” to globalize this theft. Most notable among them are the IBM Eclipse Foundation; Vanguard; BlackRock; State Street; JPMorgan Chase; Bank of America; Wells Fargo; Deutsche Bank; Credit Suisse; Bank for International Exchange; T. Rowe Price; RBC; RBS; Nat West- Coutts, London Stock Exchange; SERCO; QinetiQ; In-Q-Tel; Lockheed Martin; Raytheon; General Dynamics, British Aerospace; Wellcome Trust; Rothschild Asset Management; Pfizer; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Open Society Foundation (George Soros); Amazon; Facebook; Instagram; Google; Yahoo!; Twitter/X; NBC; CBS; ABC; CNN; MSNBC; Reuters; AP; The Daily Telegraph; The London Times; The Economist; The Daily Mail; The New York Times; Washington Post; and many more. These demonic Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-bankers press for world hegemony, the eradication of God and the culling of humanity--all ritualistic paganism from Bablylon.

Once your domain name owner begins paying for a license to use social networking legally and morally, your domain will be removed from the block list. See  First Amended Miller Act Notice .

Certain email domains have by default become public utilities that we will let through, namely gmail, hotmail, outlook, aol, yahoomail, protonmail, icloud. Leader Mail will be offered shortly.

21.  How can MySQIF™ Privacy App™ help me get around predators and tyrants who, in conspiracy with Internet Service Provider (ISP) "spam" filters, block, redirect, and delete my email enroute?


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) handle the builk of email accounts as part of their bundle of services. A troubling trend are smaller ISPs being acquired by larger ones in an ever shrinking list of service choices. One example is a Canadian company named HostPapa that has acquired at least 15 American ISPs in the last three years (since 2020). The money to make these "private" purchases has been traced back to the British Pilgrims Society in the City of London, including Hambros, BlackRock, Barings, UBS, and the Daily Telegraph. Sir Charles Eric Hambro was a propaganda chief banker of the British War Propaganda Bureau in WWI. His banker son Charles Jocelyn Hambro was chief of the SOE (Special Operations Executive) whose operations later controlled the C.I.A. The Barings and Rothschild banks financed the global opium trade of the British East India Company that also financed the development of the Boston bank State Street, among others, through the Boston Brahmins .

In short, American email traffic is being surreptitiously rerouted through British Commonwealth (Pilgrims Society) Canada, in evident conspiracy with Cisco, in our opinion, where it is being run through social-censorship filters named Sender Score, Mail Channels, and Cloudflare where it is either passed on to its destination, or just deleted. All email attachments, encrypted and not, will be lost. In most cases, the sender and receiver will not even know about this silent death of their communications.

MySQIF™  Privacy App™  enables senders and recipients to handshake and send files outside of email and outside of VPNs (virtual private networks) to exchange private communications with the surety that the exchange is not censored, deleted, or read by predators.

Why does the British Pilgrims Society do this? Because they war against God and morality. They literally hate Jesus Christ and his message of Love. They are pagan Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-bankers from ancient Babylon 2,000 years ago. They worship demons including Mammon, Moloch, Liluth, Beelzebub, Ba'al, Lucifer, Ahriman, Asmodeus. 

Their religion is child sacrifice, debt slavery, human trafficking, eugenics, and usury. They have hidden cleverly under the ruse of Talmudic Judaism (Ashkenazi, Sephardic) and Yiddish for four millenia. These "Jews" are not Hebrew. They are "a Synagogue of Satan." Revelation 2:9, 3.9. They are "A wicked and adulterous generation." Matthew 16:4. They are antinomialist imposters. They left Babylon (Baghdad) in about 1050 A.D. transporting their Solomon's gold eventually to The City of London, chartered in 1067 A.D. They have ruled from their lair in The City of London ever since. They have vested their control in certain families like the Barings, Warburgs, Rothschilds, Bacharachs, Morgans, Carnegies, Peabodys, Rockefellers, Forbes, Dimons over the years as dutiful vessels for their demons to occupy.

22. Do you have a FREE try-before-you-buy option?


Yes. You will have full used of MySQIF™  Privacy App™ for seven days. After the seven days, you will be prompted to select your subscription preference among: Yearly ($120/yr.), Quarterly ($40/qrtr.), Monthly ($15/mo.), or De-crypt Only (no charge).

23. Are there any file size limits on the try-before-you-buy?


Yes. The TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY seven-day free trial is limited to up to 4  gigabytes per file. 

24. Do you hold any user information?


Yes, we have your Sign Up information: 

1. A valid email addres you provided,

2. Your hashed Account password (scrambled to be intelligible to an intruder), 

3. Your selected MySQIF™ subscription type, and

4. Your standard credit card information is kept behind Stripe's firewall and not in MySQIF™'s database.

25. How do I know I can trust MySQIF™?


(1) the encryption keys dissolve after each use and use one-time fingerprints that are unique to and can only be read on the Sender’s and Recipient’s devices,
(2) the professional reputations of the principals who respect the image of God in each person,
(3) the principles uncompromisingly support the Bill of Rights to privacy, and
(4) the extensive publications and patents provided prove the integrity and impenetrability of the MySQIF™ polymorphic mathematics . . .

. . . the surest answer is: Try and Crack It!

There is a $20,000 reward if you can.!.html

Remember, to put it bluntly, all of the current systems offering “trusted” encryption are lying. The backdoor fix was in decades ago, pressed by the DoD Office of Net Assessment during the Clinton administration. AES-256 has been broken since 2002. Symantec (PGP), Norton, McAfee, Proton, Tutanota, Federal Bridge Authority, etc. all use the broken AES-256 as their base.

Because these "trusted" vendors are lying about their security, you cannot trust them. This places MySQIF™ qualifications at the top of the trust curve by default. We do not an will not ever provide or sell our customer information to third parties. Period. We believe it is immoral to do so.              

(For followers of the Leader Technologies story: intellectual property attorney James P. Chandler, III was secretly leading the installation of the backdoor invasion of your privacy for the British Pilgrims Society from at least the early 1990's with Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm.

26. What are some of the types of data I should send via MySQIF™?


  • Proprietary business planning,
  • financial reports,
  • healthcare files,
  • trade secrets,
  • secret client data you are pledged to protect,
  • sales plans,
  • competitive analyses,
  • doctor-patient,
  • family information,attorney-client,
  • pastor-parishioner,
  • student-teacher,
  • private thoughts and feelings,
  • location and space, and
  • none of anyone’s business.

Digital predators have very intentionally desensitized their customers to stop caring about their privacy! Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn (running on social networking technology stolen from Leader Technologies) said notoriously at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2011 that “privacy issues tend to be old people issues.” No Mr. Reid, they are Constitutional and moral issues!

With MySQIF™ your transport of sensitive data is covered infinitely more securely for pennies per delivery.

Remember: Your right to privacy, while certainly a Constitutional right, is only preserved if you take proactive steps to PROTECT YOURSELF.

27. Can security software affect the proper operation of MySQIF™?


Yes! For example, the security functions installed for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can and do block the operation of other programs. Sometimes they even disable or remove software that is not on their approved list. If you have a VPN, you need to turn it off before installing MySQIF™. For a lot of operations of a VPN, you may find MySQIF™ a better option. For sure, the polymorphic encryption of your data-in-motion with MySQIF™ is many lifetimes more secure than a VPN using AES-256 or even RSA 2048.

A firewall can also block MySQIF™.  The most common firewall for Windows is Windows Defender.  Go to "Firewall & network protection". There you will see whether or not your firewall is on or off. Below that click on "Allow an app through the firewall." A list of "Allowed apps and features" will display. Click the "Change settings" button. The, scroll down to find "MySQIF-Privacy-App" and make sure it is checked. Click the "OK" button.

In general, security and anti-virus software should be turned off before you install MySQIF™, then after a successful install, turn them back on, making sure that MySQIF™ is identified as a trusted app.

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