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MySQIF™ quantum-proof Privacy App launches

Created by some of the world's leading American inventors, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers

Offers a $20,000 Crack-it prize for anyone who can break it™

(Mar. 22, 2024)  - A consortium of world-class engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and inventors today introduced MySQIF™ Privacy App™.  

The simple-to-use MySQIF™ Privacy App™ uses powerful polymorphic encryption to protect a person's “data-in-motion.” In addition, it provides a site license from Leader® Technologies to use social networking legally, on all platforms and personal devices.

In just a few clicks you can send a file to your intended recipient safely, and securely with the sure knowledge that predators are blinded by the light of this app.

The mathematics behind MySQIF™ Privacy App™ is remarkable. The gold standard for average encryption today is AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard). By comparison, MySQIF™ Privacy App™ requires three lifetimes of the universe to crack. Visually, if AES-256 is a single pencil dot, MySQIF™ Privacy App™ is the Milky Way in terms of power. To date, no high speed computer attack has succeeded in cracking the MySQIF™ Privacy App™ math. If you find a way to crack it with brute force, you can win $20,000!

This project is led by Michael McKibben, Founder and CEO of Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio. McKibben holds three patents on social networking. He proved that Facebook infringes key components of his patents in federal court. McKibben's partners in MySQIF™ include Professor Albert Carlson, PhD and Michael De La Garza.

According to MIT insiders, quantum computing is still mostly theoretical. They are much more expensive, only operate for extremely short intervals, are not portable, must be kept at almost abolute zero temperature (-273°C, -459.4°F) , cannot tolerate vibration; must be isolated from the earth's magnetic field, are prone to qubit decay, are prone to errors and data corruption. But, even if quantum qubits worked reliably, the MySQIF™ Privacy App™ algorithm can outperform it, for the forseable future anyway. "Hence we say 'Quantum-proof,' said Carlson and McKibben. "a reliable quantum computer may never exist, or if it does, it will likely be beyond many lifetimes. Right now, it is beyond three lifetimes of the universe mathematically."

Makes your "data-in-motion" private

McKibben points out that “data-in-motion” is the most difficult to protect since once it leaves your device and enters the “wild” Internet, it is exposed to “man in the middle” attacks. These are an assortment of both harmless and malicious actors including voyeurs, spies, hackers, snoopers, thieves, data miners, state actors, advertisers, marketers, predators, the curious, and the jealous.

De La Garza adds, “MySQIF™ Privacy App™ pokes a predator’s eyes out. They cannot read your data even though they can see the stream of bits as your MySQIF™-protected file passes between you and your intended recipient. The master key never leaves your device, can only be used on your device, and dissolves after one use.”

Dr. Carlson says, “MySQIF™ Privacy App™ puts the “trust” back in encryption. Unfortunately, words like “trust,” “secure,” and “private” have become euphemisms for the opposite. Worse, too often the abusers are state actors and ‘big box’ corporations who profit from ‘monetization’ of a person’s privacy. I want my mathematics to bless, not harm humanity.”

Dr. Carlson continues, "I am often asked about the difference between MySQIF™ Privacy App™ encryption and a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN uses one of several encryption protocols like IPSEC, TLS, or SSL (The "https://" on your browser address line). All of these protocols are well known to be broken. One might think that double or triple encryption using these protocols might make a data stream more secure. It does not, it merely changes the point of vulnerability. Three cracked eggs are still cracked."

Dr. Carlson concludes, "Remarkably, VPN vendors are in no hurry to fix their vulnerabilities. The logical question is why? Once a predator knows the VPN vendor, the data packet routes are set and don't change, so tapping into a data stream needs only one cooperating server running a Cisco router in the stream to intercept, crack and read the data. Sadly, Cisco enables this immoral behavior. Current VPNs are little more than honeypots for predators, in my opinion."

"The MySQIF™ Privacy App™ polymorphic mathematics makes the data contents infintely more unbreakable, and certainly unbreakable in many lifetimes."

Supports God-given privacy that is protected by the Bill of Rights

McKibben concludes, “MySQIF™ Privacy App™, like my social networking invention, was created to help protect our God-given freedoms enshrined in the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.”

For more information, go to

Media Contact: Michael McKibben, (614) 890-1986,

About Michael McKibben/Leader® Technologies  
Michael McKibben is the founder and CEO of Leader Technologies, Columbus, Ohio. He received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at The Ohio State University in 1973. He was also a professional trombonist and a four-year member of Ohio State’s famed marching band. Following graduation, he travelled the world as a musician, then European Director, of Living Sound, an international Gospel music missions organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1987, he then founded Planning Works where he provided management and organizational development consulting, goal setting, time and sales management, and leadership training. He developed several software systems for sales management and executive information systems. In 1995, he rebuilt AT&T’s email system AT&T AccessPlus 3.0 in time for release with Windows 95. He was one of the first ten websites hosted by AT&T WorldNet and consulted to Bell Labs and the entire AT&T global salesforce for electronic messaging and EDI. While Mark Zuckerberg was in high school, McKibben developed three patents for social networking that were stolen and weaponized by the British and American governments and distributed criminally by the IBM Eclipse Foundation. In 2010, he proved in federal court that Facebook infringes his patents. Despite a “battle of experts” in which Leader devastated Facebook’s denials, multiple obscene violations of due process by Rhodes Scholar (British Pilgrims Society) judge Leonard P. Stark, the federal courts protected Facebook, the judges’ financial interests, and massive obstruction justice by the U.S. Patent Office, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, Department of State, and Department of Defense. Leader has served a Miller Act Notice (federal lien) for compensation for the confiscation of its invention of social networking by the federal government and their City of London Pilgrims Society merchant-bankers. The Miller Act  is based on the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment. Leader’s shareholders have never been compensated . See  Legal Social for more.

About Albert Carlson PhD  
Professor Albert Carlson PhD has a distinguished 25-year career in academia, industry, and the military in fields related to mathematics, physics, and cryptography. He is currently on the faculty of Austin Community College while he simultaneously sits on the doctoral committees for PhD candidates around the nation. Rather than describe each experience, allow us to name drop to show the breadth of Dr. Carlson’s experience: University of Illinois (Urbana and Chicago), US Army Tactical and Strategic Electronic Warfare, Illinois Institute of Technology, Mankato State University, University of Idaho, Fontbonne University, Austin Community College, DefCon 23, Show Me Con, aQED, IEEE (21 papers published; see the bibliography in The MySQIF™ Magic ), Power Engineers, numerous US patents and pending. His PhD thesis was titled, “Set Theoretic Estimation Applied to the Information Content of Ciphers and Decryption.”

About Michael De La Garza  
Michael De La Garza has spent the last 42 years involved in the Healthcare Information and Internet, Cloud and Technology Software industries developing the following products and services: Post Quantum Encryption, Cyber Security Products and Services, Cloud services and Internet security, MIOT (Medical Internet of Things), IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and IOT (Internet of Things) software security, EHR (Electronic Health Records) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Security Compliance, and Blockchain. He and Dr. Albert Carlson teamed up to build CipherLoc Corporation, and subsequently Camqed Labs and aQED where they specialize in polymorphic approaches to protecting privacy and security.


MySQIF™ Backgrounder

(DATE)  - MySQIF Privacy App™ is a partnership of seasoned technology professionals committed to providing encryption and social networking that honors the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution regarding privacy, property, and security.  

Leader Technologies CEO Michael McKibben, Columbus, Ohio said: "The MySQIF™ partnership of talent on this project is unprecedented."

McKibben continued, "The mathematicians and engineers on our team are in a league of their own. We can talk all day long about our qualifications, but in the end, the proof is in the pudding. We are so confident that our MySQIF™ Privacy App™ master keys cannot be hacked that we are offering a prize $20,000 if anyone cracks it.”

McKibben said, “The social networking license being offered is an action of  We the People . He said, "Our hundreds of Leader shareholders from Main Street have never been paid a dime for the risk they took to help us invent social networking."

McKibben pointed out that, “Most honest people do not choose to benefit from stolen property. He said the thieves of his social networking invention are the British and U.S. governments and their military-industrial 'partners,' especially The British Pilgrims Society and IBM.”

“The IBM Eclipse Foundation lied to the average social networking user in 2002. They told everyone that social networking was 'open source'. On the contrary, it has never been open source. In fact, the term 'open source' was fabricated by IBM in the late 1990s to excuse their theft of patents. Ironically, IBM is the opposite of open source, it is the largest patent holder on the planet.”

“IBM's monopoly objective, in lockstep with the British and American intelligence communities a.k.a. 'Five Eyes,' is to control the social networking platform. With that control, IBM embeds a universal backdoor known only to their 'new world order' government, media, banking, healthcare, education, industry, and commerce corruptocrats," McKibben said.

* * *

The MySQIF™ project began after social networking inventor Michael McKibben met cryptologists Michael De La Garza and his mathematician partner professor Albert Carlson PhD. They decided to team up to offer a solution to privacy-destroying technologies.

McKibben says, “Our social networking inventions were stolen in 2001 by a secret cabal of British and American government agencies and corporations fronted by the IBM Eclipse Foundation who conspired with the Highlands Group, DARPA, banks, and the DoD Office of Net Assessment that evaluates patents for weaponization. That said, IBM is ultimately directed by the merchant-bankers of the British Pilgrims Society in The City of London.”

See the Truth History Crimeline for research proving the information discussed herein.

“After the theft, Leader’s design plans for encrypted data storage was ripped out, and then it was offered as “open source” (e.g., Facebook, PayPal, Google, Palantir, Gmail, Yahoo!, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, Instagram, Stripe) to an unsuspecting public who said yes to their deceptively worded user license agreements. In short, the unscrupulous attorneys for the British Pilgrims Society wrote unintelligible license agreements that did not protect social networking privacy, but destroyed it.”

De La Garza’s and Carlson’s polymorphic encryption company was attacked in a hostile takeover after they had presented their ideas under nondisclosure agreements to a host of three-letter agencies and their private corporate suppliers.

McKibben says, “We agreed that dark forces in technology are opposed to the average person on Main Street having access to privacy-enhancing encryption; capability that better secures their Constitutionally-protected (digital) persons, papers, and effects (Fourth Amendment) from ‘unreasonable searches and seizures’ without warrants and probable cause.”

Michael McKibben continued, "The mathematicians and engineers on our team are in a league of their own. We can talk all day long about our qualifications, but in the end, the proof is in the pudding. We are so confident that our MySQIF™ master keys cannot be hacked that we are offering a prize $20,000 if anyone cracks it.”  See  Crack-it! in the menu above.

McKibben observed, “In our post-Patriot Act world, many people are so brow-beaten by false flag faked terror threats that they have come to accept the idea that government needs unfettered access to digital information so they can ‘catch the bad guys more quickly.’ That is the brainwashing anyway. Netflix reinforces the idea that our agencies are all good guys who can be trusted. I wish that was true.”

“But just think about the false flags we have experienced 911, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Orlando, our agencies periodically allow supposed bad guys, groomed by them, to attack, kill real sacrificial souls, then claim they were blindsided. In response, they then ask for even more money to fight their phantom enemy. If it was true that they are surprised by false flags, then their unfettered access to even more information is not helping them. So, what are they doing with that power? Hording and abusing it for self-enrichment.”

“The blessings of rain fall on the just and the unjust. So too with encryption capabilities, they can be used for good or ill. ‘Spy on everyone, all the time!’ is the solution of government Neanderthals.”

“America fought a Revolution to try and stop British abuse of God-given personal rights. No government or company has the right to usurp personal privacy. At the time of the American Revolution, British soldiers were breaking in and searching homes and papers without notice. The Founders pointed out privacy rights are God-given and above the authority of any monarch or government."

McKibben continued, "This does not mean that a government should never be allowed to search and seize property, in the case of criminality for example, so the Founders developed warrants and probable cause. The animalistic approach is to put a spy in every toaster--a basic goal of the Internet of Things."

McKibben says the supposed protection against the abuse of secret warrants was to be the FISA court (The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978), but that presumed the FISA judges would be unbiased. That trust was proved to be misplaced in the actions of crony FISA judges in the Trump-Russia hoax.  This conduct has never been censored by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., himself a British Knight of Malta.

“America must have effective due process and probable cause before intelligence and law enforcement are able to break into a citizen’s private life. Spying on everything, all the time, is both immoral and illegal. A replacement for the corrupt FISA court is essential.”

“We suspect incorruptible, pragmatic laypeople must be put in charge and the blood-sucking lawyers, judges, lobbyists, and politicians must be dismissed forever.”

Encryption went off a moral cliff in the early days of the Clinton Administration.

Certain Clinton insiders, led by John Podesta and George Washington Law professor James P. Chandler, financed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, convened a secret meeting in 1993 to give the FBI a universal backdoor into all encryption on the emerging public Internet. This meeting was discovered from Judicial Watch discovery of Hillary’s private email server.

Initially this conference proposed a “Clipper Chip” to be embedded everywhere. When Congress pushed back on that, they settled for requiring all vendors of hardware, software and firmware to embed a  Dual_EC-DRBG  algorithm that would serve as a universal backdoor. The propaganda says this program was abandoned a few years ago, but that is about as unlikely as the C.I.A. and its “ Five Eyes ” surrogates (read the British Pilgrims Society, The City of London, MI6) pledging that they do not operate on America soil.

Propelled by unlimited Carnegie funding, this secret group threatened cryptologist Phil Zimmerman with criminal prosecution because he refused to embed the Dual_EC-DRBG algorithm backdoor into his Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) program.

A decade later Zimmerman sold PGP to Symantec that embeds the spy algorithm as disclosed to NIST. Hence today, the public key infrastructure (PKI/PKE) is riddled with backdoors for political insiders like Hillary Clinton,  Robert S. Mueller III , Michael Chertoff, and Thoma Bravo, among others.

At the time that Leader’s social networking inventions were stolen, Leader was consulting with Zimmerman about developing encryption for their social networking inventions.

Dr. Carlson's response to the idea of backdoors to MySQIF™ encryption is: "I do not even know of a way to embed a backdoor into our MySQIF™ mathematics.”

“With MySQIF™, we break our keys into tens of thousands of shards—for each one-time-use set of keys. Then, we apply our magic to each shard, each of which would need a unique backdoor just for starters! Then, we only use a master key for a single encryption. The next file to encrypt gets a fresh master key. The one-time master keys dissolve after use.”

Dr. Carlson says, “I could not backdoor our mathematics even if I wanted to, which I do not and will not." Carlson continued, “I try to follow the Golden Rule: to treat others like I would want to be treated. If I abused the rights of my fellow human beings who trust me to protect their privacy, then that bad Karma would follow me in eternity.”

* * *

Equally abusive was the activity of Clinton, Podesta, Chandler, Carnegie Trust and their cronies in the theft of the social networking inventions of Leader Technologies. They have lured the entire planet into being unwitting accomplices to the theft of social networking.

MySQIF™ offers a way out of this current moral cesspool called social networking.

Leader Technologies is the true inventor of social networking which was planned to include privacy-enhancing encryption into its data storage model.

In 2010, Leader proved in a "battle of experts" trial in the State of Delaware federal court that Facebook infringes one of their patents, U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761, on 11 of 11 claims. Earlier in 2010, Leader lawyers had eviscerated Zuckerberg/Facebook’s denials of infringement in the pre-trial, all important “Markman Hearing.” Actually, most patent cases settle after the Markman Hearing because one side or the other realizes they have lost the argument.

In  Leader v. Facebook , the federal judiciary, executive, state department, commerce department, and patent office failed to disclose their interlocked Facebook financial interests.

After Leader proved infringement, the courts cooked up false evidence that confused the jury into believing that inventor Michael McKibben invalidated his own patent by selling it too soon. This concept has an equally confusing name: “on sale bar.”

“On sale bar” requires hard evidence, according to the well-tested precedent cases  Group One  and  Pfaff , before it can be used. One must show that Leader® disclosed its actual source code (which is almost never done with compiled software) in an alleged attempted sale. Facebook had no  Group One  or  Pfaff  proof because such a thing never happened—just like Trump never peed on a hooker in a Russian hotel room. It was well known that Leader tightly protected its innovations.

(Below)  Judge Leonard P. Stark at his Senate confirmation hearing to be a Federal Circuit judge on Dec. 01, 2021. The weight of his misconduct in Leader v. Facebook and Lakshmi Arunachalum cases, among others, are hanging heavy on his corrupt bloated countenance. Confession is good for the soul Judge Stark; karma is a beach. Your British Pilgrims Society handlers can no longer hide. 

Remarkably, the  Leader v. Facebook  judge, Leonard P. Stark, rummaged back to 1896 and dusted off an unconstitutional decision ( Wilson v. U.S. ) where a jury in a criminal case denied due process and ruled against the defendant on pure speculation of his guilt, having no evidence to support their unproven assumption. In any event, patent cases are not about criminal guilt, but proof of infringement, and the liability resulting from abuse of the intellectual property of another. Stark clearly allowed the jury to be confused (because the carrot of Obama's pending appointment of him was dangling).  Wilson  had never before or since been applied to a civil patent case, nor is it even good law since it violates a citizen's basic due process. 

'Ole puffy cheeks Judge Leonard P. Stark (2010): "There is nothing impermissible" about my misuse of Wilson v. U.S. (1896)--in other words, I won't lose my law license for misusing Wilson against Leader Technologies to protect my interlocked Facebook investments (even though it is immoral)

Tellingly, Stark said “there is nothing impermissible about such an analysis” (his novel use of the 1896 Wilson case). Oh yes there is Judge Stark, JUSTICE and MORALITY dictated that you do right by the real inventor of social networking, but those two values are in short supply in you. Did you learn the nasty Wilson fiddle at Oxford University too? Who was your British Pilgrims Society handler?

In his 53-page JMOL ruling (Judgment as a Matter of Law), Stark referenced  Pfaff  and  Group One  just once each, as placeholders, and then merely as general reference, and not as applied to any Facebook evidence. To rule against Leader for on sale bar without centering his opinion around the Pfaff and Group One -- the bright line tests for such evidence, which never happened in the trial, is evident conspiracy and fraud by Stark. Within weeks of this whitewash opinion, Stark was elevated to a full judgeship by Obama. Indeed, Stark received a full-throated ataboy from Barry Sotero and Killary.

In addition, Stark’s misconduct smothered the pre-trial. He let Facebook change its trial claims a month before trial to completely opposite claims, yet he denied Leader the additional due process discovery on the new claims." Evidently, the Leader v. Facebook case was the corrupt court's test for how far they could go to violate due process before getting stopped. Given the current actions against President Trump, they were clearly emboldened by their Leader v. Facebook injustice, even after Leader PROVED literal infringement by Facebook.

"Stark failed to disclose his financial holdings of interlocked Facebook conflicts of interest like Fidelity--the subsequent largest mutual fund investor in the Facebook intitial public offering," McKibben said.

"Stark denied Leader an ability to call Leader’s patent attorney, James P. Chandler, as a witness.”

"Stark, as the earlier magistrate handling discovery, had allowed Facebook to stonewall production of Zuckerberg's 2003-2004 computers for over a year in pre-trial."

"Despite these lawfare handicaps, Leader still proved that Facebook was infringing Leader’s social networking patent."

"We appealed to the Federal Circuit, then to the U.S. Supreme Court."

"The British Knight of Malta Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. too, failed to disclose his substantial interlocked Facebook financial interests and refused to hear Leader's petition."

You were made an unwitting accomplice to property theft by the U.S. federal courts - your MySQIF™  license for social networking from Leader® Technologies will fix that

As a result, the entire community of social networking users worldwide were made unwitting accomplices to property theft."

"With the MySQIF™ license we fix this moral quandary and evident unfairness to Leader--a real American innovator."

“To cover up this court misconduct, the Federal Circuit later ruled that the Leader v. Facebook was “non-precedential,” meaning it could not be used by future courts as precedent-setting on the subject of ‘on sale bar.’” How convenient for them. Stink up the room, then declare it off limits.

“Otherwise, their  Leader v. Facebook  judicial misconduct would have destroyed to cover up this court misconduct, the Federal Circuit later ruled that the  Leader v. Facebook  was “non-precedential,” meaning it could not be used by future courts as precedent-setting on the subject of “on sale bar.” Otherwise, their  Leader v. Facebook  misconduct would have destroyed their earlier  Pfaff  and  Group One  precedents. Think of it. The only case against Facebook ever to go to federal trial was not precedential! Words escape the abortion of justice earlier Pfaff and  Group One  precedents.

Think of how ludicrous this circumstance has become. The only case against Facebook ever to go to federal trial was declared not precedential so that the judges and Facebook's lawyers could hide their sins! Words escape the abortion of justice here.

* * *

McKibben says, "The MySQIF™ user license package contains a legal license to use the social networking inventions of Leader® Technologies, Columbus, Ohio on all personal devices. Leader's social networking inventions were stolen by weaponized government agencies who have ignored U.S. patent law and its God-given rights and privileges."

Leader v. Facebook aside, Leader holds a total of 75 patent claims to social networking in three patents. Eleven (11) of those claims in one patent were the ones that Facebook was adjudged to be infringing.

McKibben says, “Such rulings, even if abused by judicial misconduct, do not spoil claims in other infringements, each of which is fact-specific. And, since the federal courts of appeal themselves are complicit in the corruption; the law of adverse domination applies, thus extending indefinitely the life of Leader®’s patents until such time as they can get a fair and impartial hearing.”

It should be noted that Judge Leonard P. Stark is a Rhodes Scholar, and thus is a groom of the British Pilgrims Society. On Mar. 16, 2022, President Biden elevated Stark to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals on Lafayette Square across from the White House. From this court - the only court for patent appeals - Stark is better able to quash patents at the instruction of his British Pilgrims Society handlers in The City of London.

* * *

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Leader v. Facebook  also saw other injustices against Leader®’s social networking inventions.

Federal officials are forbidden from interfering in active federal litigation.

Despite this prohibition against obstruction of justice, Hillary Clinton hob knobbed with Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, during the litigation, as discovered in her secret email server.

Further, Hillary was secretly conspiring with Facebook and paying them to help her rig elections by building a Facebook "election winning template” starting in 2009. At this same time, Mark Zuckerberg was refusing to turn over his 2003-2004 servers for analysis by Leader.

Barack Obama was operating a Facebook page at the White House, also obstruction of justice.

David J. Kappos, U.S. Patent Office director and former IBM vice president of intellectual property, started his own Facebook page as well as one for the Patent Office during the  Leader v. Facebook  trial while his own staff was adjudicating an attempt by Facebook to invalidate Leader’s patent by administrative Patent Office fiat. More obstruction of justice.

When Facebook’s invalidation attempt failed, Kappos, before leaving the Patent Office, took the matter into his own hands, grabbed a dormant and inapplicable administrative power, and proclaimed Leader’s patent invalid, overriding his own examiners, by director fiat, with no due process.

Then, Kappos quickly flew to his current perch at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP. Founder Paul Cravath was a co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society branch in New York.

When Kappos was appointed by Obama in a rare recess appointment, he sold his IBM stock and invested it all in Vanguard—the largest British Pilgrims Society investment fund in the world.

In conclusion, MySQIF™ licenses for social networking provide a moral way for  We The People  to right the wrongs done to Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies and its hundreds of shareholders.

At the same time, the MySQIF™ Privacy App puts in the public’s hands a powerful personal privacy tool that protects them from the abuses of the government and “Big Box” corporations and banks.

Leader has filed a Miller Act Notice on the Executive Branch – the ultimate perpetrator of the theft of social networking. The Miller Act Notice is essentially a lien on the federal government and its co-conspirators to pay Leader for the confiscation of its property pursuant to the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause requiring the government to pay for the benefits it has received from the theft.

MySQIF™ is a win-win-win.

For more information, see

Media Contact: 
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(614) 890-1986

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