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It is not complicated. Moral people generally respect the intellectual property rights of others - "Thou shalt not steal" (one of the Ten Commandments).
  • You purchase rather than steal books.
  • You pay for rather than pirate music.
  • You license a copyright before republishing it.
  • You  subscribe to a TV show rather than rip it off.
  • You buy software rather than knock it off.
  • You acknowledge sources rather than plagairize.

These assumptions of good moral behavior have never been applied to the military-industrial thieves who stole the invention of social networking from Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader® Technologies, as evidence by three patents awarded to Leader®, not to mention a federal jury that agreed that Facebook stole one of the patents on 11 of 11 claims.

Did it ever occur to you that someone actually did the painstaking work to invent social networking? Does it make sense that it suddenly popped out of a Harvard dormitory from Mark Zuckerberg? He testified in 2006 that he did it "between a week and two-weeks" (Tr. 41: 3-7) while he was partying, chasing girls, and studying for semester finals. The mainstream media uniformly failed to investigate this evident lie. Why? Because they were promised long term benefits if they followed the theives.

Hindsight shows that Zuckerberg had little programming skill and was merely a placeholder for British Pilgrims Society IBM Eclipse Foundation handlers who gave him Leader Technologies' ideas and source code that they had stolen via Leader's patent attorney, James P. Chandler and Fenwick & West LLP -- secret co-founders of IBM Eclipse and legal counsels to the Pilgrims Society and its spies.

The fact is that the invention of social networking took Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader® Technologies over 150,000 man-hours, 750,000 lines of source code, and $20 million of risk capital to build. 

Leader's investors have never received a dime in compensation for their risk while the thieves have made literally trillions of dollars. For example, where do you think Zuckerberg got the money to build his nuclear bunker and obscene 1,600 acre estate in ​Kauai, Hawaii? Genius or grifter? You decide.

Is it a coincidence that Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter all started at the same time that an unknown Barack Hussein Obama, not a natural-born American citizen, a Sabbatean-Frankist Muslim not a Christian as claimed, was being groomed to run for president with his linebacker-shouldered tranny wife Mike? It is evident that they are all tied together. If one but pulls on their common thread, one will find a common social networking innovation that was given to them by Leader Technologies' patent attorney, GWU law professor James P. Chandler, sometimes "III," sometimes "II," sometimes "Jr.," via the IBM Eclipse Foundation where he was a secret co-founder with Obama's future Patent Office director David J. Kappos, then IBM intellectual property chief counsel.

This corrupt conduct by our technology "elites" mimics a similar theft-mentality when over 50,000 Axis patents  were confiscated by FDR during WWII (1942) and given to select insider American companies. Ironically, stolen from German fascists and given to American fascists. Only this time, the inventor of social networking was a red-blooded American named Michael McKibben and the company he formed to invent it in Columbus, Ohio:  Leader Technologies.

Leader's source code for social networking was stolen by George Washington University law professor James P. Chandler III.

Chandler was Leader® Technologies' patent attorney. He used a carrot and stick escrow arrangement with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to obtain a copy of Leader®'s source code. Then, he immediately gave it to another client, the IBM Eclipse Foundation. 

IBM criminally labeled it "open source," with freshly-minted IBM copyright notices, then distributed it to the entire technology world starting in 2004.  

In 2009, no doubt as a quid pro quo, IBM's chief intellectual property counsel, David J. Kappos, became Obama's director of the U.S. Patent Office, which by then was controlled by British Crown-controlled SERCO Group Plc. This made Kappos' tenure treason.

Leader®’s shareholders are individual investors from Main Street who all do real work for a living. They have never been paid a dime for the risk they took to help fund Leader founder, CEO, and inventior Michael McKibben and his engineering team at Leader® Technologies.

Your MySQIF™ subscription rights this wrong as long as you have an active subscription. It is one of the biggest intellectual property thefts in history.

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Introduction to social networking by the true inventor Michael McKibben

This opening statement may come as a shock. Its reality has been well-hidden from the public by the "mainstream" who write our histories, textbooks, newspapers, handle our banking, educate, tax us, stupify us with titillation, spy on us, try to rule over us, and who produce our media. 

The patent system is the only property right actually written in to the U.S. Constitution:  Article I Section 8 | Clause 8 – Patent and Copyright Clause of the Constitution.

While wonderful in theory, our patent system has become a den of confidence tricksters in banking, politics, government, law, commerce, technology, academia, and media. 

Even the term "patent troll" was a counter-offensive of IBM patent attorneys to crush inventors who sue them for stealing their patents. We know this from eye witnesses to this fraud. 

As discussed earlier, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office itself contracts with British SERCO GROUP plc to process millions of AMERICAN patent applications each year! It is scandalous, yet our lawmakers are deafeningly silent. 

As if no American programmers were available, SERCO also built the bug-ridden Obamacare website for $1.2 billion. 

SERCO also runs 60 American air traffic controllers, and manages FEMA Region 2 and Region 9

SERCO's sister British Crown company QinetiQ tracks all assets of the US Army worldwide! See more  AFI. (Feb. 20, 2020). Coronavirus uncovers Rothschild Lord Pirbright as key to the 140-yr. secret monopoly of the Pilgrims Society. Americans for Innovation. See also AFI. (May 16, 2018). SES SERCO "wet-ware" soft kill plan is happening, but can be stopped: Defund them, now! Americans for Innovation.

Did you know that America's post-WWII economic boom was largely fueled by President Franklin D. Roosevelt's confiscation of over 50,000 patents on Dec. 07, 1942 from inventors who lived in Axis countries, and even occupied countries? Those patents were then freely given to American corporations. It was euphamistically called "Patents at Work."

Patent (Theft) AT WORK (1942): More than 50,000 patents were stolen by FDR and given to American companies; then they were funded by the equally conspiratorial Marshall Plan

Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian. (Dec. 7, 1942). Patents At Work, A Statement of Policy by the Alien Property Custodian of the United States, No. 3999066566405, No. JX5313.U6A5 1943. Office of Alien Property Custodian.

Every patent applications turned in at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office travels to British Crown-controlled SERCO GROUP Plc, that in turn is controlled by the British Pilgrims Society (with the Crown, Admiralty, Royal Post Office, MI6, MI5, GCHQ, British Aerospace, SERCO, QinetiQ in tow). They decide with their traitorous American co-conspirators (Highlands Group, U.S. DoD Office of Net Assessment, DARPA, In-Q-Tel, Carnegie Institute for International Peace) which patents they want to weaponize and commercialize through their stable of "public-private partnerships" (the definition of fascism) -- all funded by The City of London banks and American tax dollars. Remember the 2008 "bank bailout" led by Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker as cases in point. We The People were fleeced by the British Pilgrims overlords, literally Lords, Sirs, Dukes, Ladys, and Barons.

The Pilgrims Foundation, Inc., EIN 13-3095744. (2007). Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Vice Presidents (Fiduciary Officers), Form 990, previously named The William J. Donovan Memorial Foundation, also The Pilgrims Society of the United States, PDF p. 5. IRS. See also AFI. (Aug. 26, 2020). Henry Kissinger has been spying for the (British) Pilgrims Society, likely since the late 1940's. Americans for Innovation.

The evil specters and phantoms created by this sinfulness became full-on demonic possession by very ancient Babylonian demons including Mammon, Lucifer, Ahriman, Ba'al, Molloch, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Ishtar, Lilith. See also The City of London demons.

These demons possess the same userous merchant-bankers of Babylon with propaganda-enhanced names today like Bank of England, Rothschild Asset Management, N.M. Rotshchild & Sons, ​JO Hambro and Sons, Barings, Coutts, RBS, RBC, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, State Streetn, PNC, and Bank of New York Mellon.

Jesus Christ was very specific about these Babylonian demons. He said: "No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon." Matthew 6:24.

These demons have occupied the pinnacle of our banking systems since 2,000 B.C. They still control usury, money-creation, debt slavery, and human trafficking. They have a name: Babylonian Rādhānites (Radknights in England ... "knights" for short, with The City of London as their lair, founded by charter by the first king of England, ​William I the Conqueror, in 1067 A.D.). 

They conceal themselves in a Babylonian Talmudic false Jewry. They rebranded themselves in the 11 century as Ashkenazi to hide their rapacious Babylonian Silk Road merchant-banker lineage. Ashkenaz was never a Hebrew tribe.

They practice antinomianism and the Babylonian pagan rituals including child sacrifice, prostitution, buggery, pedophilia, witchcraft, slavery, and debauchery ( Sabbatean Frankism ). Antinomianism turns morality on its head and looks for false messiahs. It is a diabolical attempt to hasten the coming of a Jewish messiah by living in the sin of Sodom and Gommorah, thus forcing God to intervene.

Christianity is the arch enemy  of these demons because they cannot fail to obey the command of Jesus: "Get behind me, Satan." (Matthew 16: 23). 

Indeed, if a righteous person speaks this command, even Mammon and Lucifer themselves, as well as their demons, must obey. So, these pagan merchant-bankers shield themselves from this "Get behind me" inveitably by cloaking themselves in a false Judaism that the Bible calls "The Synagogue of Satan" -- they say they are Jews but are not; and are called "The Whore of Babylon". See Rev. 2:9, 3:9, 17:5

Patents are the lifeforce upon which these merchant-banker demons depend for value creation since they have no creativity in themselves. Creativity is an attribute of God in humanity -- part of His image and likeness. So, they must steal it from true innovators.

Is their a solution to this level of global demonic activity? Yes, tell Satan to get behind you. He must comply to believers in Jesus Christ. Jesus came into our world to save us from this sin and death. I Timothy 1:15-17.

Michael T. McKibben, CEO, Inventor, Leader Technologies, Inc. (Nov. 21, 2019). Important Message from Michael McKibben. American Intelligence Media. (Raw *.mp4 video file). This video was censored off of Vimeo years ago.

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The "special relationship" demonic deception of the British Pilgrims Society

On Mar. 05, 1946 , America agreed to allow British Intelligence, controlled by the Pilgrims Society and the City of London banks, to annex control of American intelligence, media, healthcare, education, publications, theft of patents, and propaganda. It was a  criminally secret  agreement that was only disclosed to the public in 2010. This agreement was the source of the oft-used term of British and American politicians "special relationship." In short, America allowed City of London banks to control and manipulate America.

This control tracks back to Alexander Hamilton: British Spy No. 7 who founded America's first four banks. His treachery eventually caught up with him in his death by duel with Aaron Burr, who founded The Manhattan Company (now J.P. Morgan Chase) his fourth bank that he managed from the back pocket of his British member of parliament brother-in-law John Barker Church, who was critical in being the channel for City of London funding to underwrite Hamilton's prior three banks. See  AFI. (Ap r.  22, 2022) . Why is the musical Hamilton so popular with the radical communist left?  Americans for Innovation . See also  AFI. (May 20, 2022) . Alexander Hamilton, British Spy #7, betrayed America’s fledgling banks to his Bank of England / Monarch’s Privy Council back channels.  Americans for Innovation

See  TOP  SECRET ( Mar. 05,  1946) . BRITISH-U.S. COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE AGREEMENT, NSA DocID 3678942, Ser. XILH, Box 47, TSC release approved Apr. 08, 2010, Executive Order 12958 et seq. NSA. 

See also Five Eye s, ANCIB(US)-ANCICC(UK). (Mar. 11, 1946) . DAY 1: TOP SECRET CREAM, Inauguration Meeting, U.S. - British Signal Intelligence Technical Conference, March 11, 1946, DOCID: 2959299, REF ID: A2666693, National Archives Ref: HW-80-5, PDF p. 108. NSA. Original follows the Transcription.   

The Theft & Weaponization of Social Networking

Part I or a 6-part series of interviews by Douglas Gabriel, American Intelligence Media with Michael McKibben, founder, CEO and inventor, Leader Technologies entitled The Weaponization of Social Networking Should Concern Us All.

McKibben, Gabriel. (Nov. 22, 2017). PART 1: Trillion Dollar Rip-Off. American Intelligence Media. (Raw *.mp4 video file.) See Crimeline for more evidence.

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How corrupt is Facebook's cadre of "white shoe" law firm racketeers?

Facebook's initial public offering (May 18, 2012) law firm, Fenwick & West LLP, Palo Alto, CA, had previously been Leader® Technologies and Michael McKibben's law firm, introduced by Leader's patent attorney James P. Chandler, III. These two attorneys were  thus trading on their supposedly-sacrosanct attorney-client privileged information of their client, Leader®, to bring value instead to Facebook. Needless to say, this is illegal as hell.

Neither James Chandler nor Fenwick & West LLP have ever faced discipline for their criminality. Just the opposite. The "old boy" American legal system protects its own in true mafioso style. Later, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. too refused to protect Leader's patent property when Leader brought the case on appeal to the U.S Supreme Court. Neither did Justice Roberts recuse himself due to his massive holdings in interlocked Facebook financial interests, his knighthood in the Knights of Malta, English priory. Roberts also did not disclose the obscene professional client interests of his wife Jane Sullivan Roberts

Fenwick & West LLP violated Leader's attorney-client privilege, we believe

C. Kevin Kelso, Gordon K. Davidson, William A. Fenwick. (Aug. 20, 2001). Letter of Engagement with Leader Technologies LLC, later Inc., redacted to preserve privilege. Fenwick & West LLP.

Ohio Dept. of Com​merce (May 06, 2002)
. Fenwick & West LLP appearance. Ohio Fairness Hearing for Leader Technologies applicaiton for conversion. Ohio Dept. of Commerce, Div. of Securities. (Jun. 05, 2002). FINAL ORDER Appproving LLC to C-Corp. Conversion, sent to Leader counsel, Kevin Kelso, Fenwick & West LLP. Ohio Dept. of Commerce.

Ohio Dept. of Commerce, Div. of Securities. (Jun. 05, 2002)
. FINAL ORDER Appproving Leader Technologies LLC to C-Corp Conversion, sent to Leader counsel, Kevin Kelso, Fenwick & West LLP. Ohio Dept. of Commerce. 

Facebook. (Feb. 01, 2012). Form S-1 original (initial public offering); Gordon Davidson, Fenwick & West LLP, counsel. SEC Edgar. 

California Rules of Professional Conduct, "Rule 1.7 Conflicts of Interests: C urrent Clients. A lawyer shall not, without informed written consent represent a client [Facebook] if there is a significant risk the lawyer's representation of the client will be materially limited [or enhanced] by the responsibilities to [secrecy] or relationships with another client, a former client [Leader Technologies] . . ."

California Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.9 Duties to Former Clients. "A lawyer who has formerly represented a client in a matter [Leader Technologies] shall not thereafter represent another person* [Facebook] in the same or a substantially related matter in which that person’s* interests are materially adverse to the interests of the former client unless the former client gives informed written consent . . . The lawyer may not (i) do anything that will injuriously affect the former client in any matter in which the lawyer represented the former client."

A federal Delaware District Court jury ruled on Jul. 28, 2010 that Facebook infringes Leader Technologies U.S. Patent 7,139,761 on 11 of 11 claims. This proves unequivocally in the public record that Fenwick & West LLP chose to represent Facebook after representing Leader in "a substantially related matter!"

Will justice prevail in We The People's Court? 

Fenwick & West LLP partners evidently love money, not justice.

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Fenwick & West LLP / Chandler Law Conspired Against Leader ® 

Here is incontrovertible evidence that Facebook was created by legal agents for the British Pilgrims Society. Fenwick & West LLP provided substantive legal representation of Leader Technologies in 2001. Later, they betrayed Leader's attorney-client privilege by representing Facebook in their initial public offering after providing securities advice to Leader. Fenwick & West LLP is now Facebook's leading filer of patents, many of which are derivatives of the core social networking inventions of Leader Technologies. The patent office euphamism is "inequitable conduct" otherwise called fraud.

William A. Fenwick

Founder who approved the representation of Leader Technologies in 2001

C. Kevin Kelso, Gordon K. Davidson, William A. Fenwick. (Aug. 20, 2001). Letter of Engagement with Leader Technologies LLC, later Inc., redacted to preserve privilege. Fenwick & West LLP. 

Gordon K. Davidson

Managing partner who  approved representation of Leader Technologies in 2001

C. Kevin Kelso, Gordon K. Davidson, William A. Fenwick. (Aug. 20, 2001). Letter of Engagement with Leader Technologies LLC, later Inc., redacted to preserve privilege. Fenwick & West LLP. 

C. Kevin Kelso

Partner-in-charge of the representation of Leader Technologies in 2001

C. Kevin Kelso, Gordon K. Davidson, William A. Fenwick. (Aug. 20, 2001). Letter of Engagement with Leader Technologies LLC, later Inc., redacted to preserve privilege. Fenwick & West LLP. 

James P. Chandler

Chief outside intellectual property counsel to Leader Technologies in 2001; introduced Leader to Fenwick & West LLP

Professor James P. Chandler. (Mar. 01, 2001). Letter of Engagement with Leader Technologies LLC. The Chandler Law Firm Chartered. Redacted to preserve privilege.

Donna Kline. (Mar. 15, 2012). Big trouble ahead for the Facebook IPO? Interview with inventor Michael McKibben. BluMarsMedia. Source: (Raw *.mp4 video file).

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Update to this 2012 Donna Kline interview abov​e: Following this interview, the Federal Circuit court also failed to protect Leader's invention. The three-judge panel was Alan D. Lourie, Kimberly A. Moore, Evan J. Wallach. Their  c hief judge,  Randall R. Rader , (the person who picked the three-judge panel)  was later caught conspiring with a Facebook law firm to rig cases. That attorney, Edward R. Reines, partner in the firm Weil, Gotschal, Manges LLP, had made an appearance in Leader v. Facebook to cover-up the Facebook financial conflicts of interest of the Federal Circuit judges. See Reines links below.

Reines was also the preppy president of The Federal Circuit Bar Association . Chief Judge  Radar resigned in disgraceThis legal corruption extended itself into Facebook's initial public offering, handled by Fenwick & West LLP, Palo Alto, CA, who was Leader's co-counsel with James P. Chandler, III. In short, Facebook's law firms smother the Federal Circuit patent appeals court with unethical influence peddling.

Indeed, the British Pilgrims Society (whose SERCO GROUP Plc (UK) company is in control of the U.S. Patent Office) took every step to ensure a complete theft--just like they have been doing since the British Admiralty and Rothschild insider-trading banking days of Morse Code telegraphy, Marconi Wireless telegraphy, General Electric, RCA, United Fruit Company (South America), BBC  radio/TV, NBC radio/TV, Cable & Wireless, Bell/AT&T satellite, now social networking (The City of London, Admiralty, SERCO, QinetiQ). Crown monoply is the name of their game. Always has been. Note that Pilgrim Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie founded SERCO in the late 1970s at the same time that the NSA started spying on Americans and the Senior Executive Service (SES) was created (1978) after acquiring RCA. MP Pattie, was the keeper of the monarch's Golden Share controls from which he controlled GE, Atomic Energy, Marconi Wireless, British Aerospace, in close collaboration with various Lords Rothschild and The City of London. Cambridge Analytica was his company.

To add insult to injury, Fenwick & West LLP went on to handle more than 1,895 Facebook patent filings to date without ever seeking a conflicts of interest waiver from Leader--their former client. Indeed, legal ethics rules are evident confidence tricks to keep "the masses" in their place. 

This evidence is egregious enough to have Fenwick & West LLP prosecuted under RICO and banned from the practice of law. Search  "facebook" applicant and "fenwick" attorney agent/firm.

If this corruption fails to convince you, consider that during Leader v. Facebook Sec. of State Hillary secretly contracted with Facebook to build an "election winning template." This is obstruction of justice. In addition, both Barack Obama and Patent Office director David J. Kappos both promoted Facebook profiles during the case, sending a strong signal of bias throughout the judiciary. This also more egregious obstruction of justice against Leader Technologies and for Facebook, thus creating a rigged scale of justice.

U.S. courts circled the wagons around Facebook and its interlocked interests & abandoned true inventors

Massive Judicial Corruption in Leader v. Facebook 

Judge Leonard P. Stark

Rhodes Scholar (British Pilgrims Society)​; significant interlocked Facebook holdings in investor / underwriters:

Vanguard, #1 in Facebook*
Fidelity, #3 in Facebook*
*Ref. Facebook-Meta 2022 DEF14A Proxy Statement

Judge Alan D. Lourie

Significant interlocked Facebook holdings in investor/underwriters:

Vanguard, #1 in Facebook*
T. Rowe Price, Large pre-IPO Facebook investor (during Leader v. Facebook appeal)

Judge Kimberly A. Moore

Significant interlocked Facebook holding in investor/underwriters:

Vanguard #1 in Facebook*
Fidelity #3 in Facebook*

Judge Evan J. Wallach

No prior experience in patent litigation; Significant interlocked Facebook holding in inestor/underwriters:

Fidelity #3 in Facebook*
Microsoft, Large early Facebook investor (during Leader v. Facebook appeal)

Obstruction of justice at the very top of the Obama Cabinet

During the Leader v. Facebook litigation in 2009, while Judge Leonard P. Stark let Mark Zuckerberg stonewall discovery of his computer hard drives from 2003-2004, Hillary Clinton, and her newly-staffed State Department, was using her private basement server to secretly contract with Facebook to rig elections. During the Leader v. Facebook appeal,  Hillary played footsies with Facebook's Sheryl K. Sandburg.

Incontrovertible evidence of collusion during the Leader v. Facebook litigation occured among Hillary Clinton, State Department, Facebook and Dmitry Shevelenko. Two State Department contracts with Facebook in 2009-2010 emerged in the latest trove of Hillary Clinton emails. The first $120,000 contract on Sep. 26, 2009 was for State Department “communications services.” According to GSA records, the next three contracts paid $250,000 for “Peace Corp advertising services.” Then, a $265,000 contract on Sep. 30, 2010 was issued for more State Department “communications services.” Dmitry Shevelenko's LinkedIn Profile reveals his true agenda for these contracts: November 2010 election manipulation.

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The U.S. Courts have protected Facebook in its proven theft of social networking. 

MySQIF™ is your opportunity to show the "in-justice" system how to behave morally and ethically. Take the ethical high ground.

On paper,  We The People  control our government. We wrote a Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights to become a government of objective laws rather than men.   

Our Freedoms

The ideas of our great U.S. Constitution include freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition; right to keep and bear arms; freedoms from excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment, self-incrimination, unreasonable search and seizure; due process; no double jeopardy; right to speedy public trial, states powers reserved, private property, especially patents and copyrights.

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Leader v. Facbeook federal patent infringement lawsuit filed against Facebook

Leader v. Facebook proved Facebook is infringing Leader Technologies' social networking patent on 11 of 11 claims at federal trial. All five  judges, clerks, USPTO director, attorney general, failed to disclose their substantial interlocked Facebook investments, especially Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, BlackRock (iShares). Fidelty was the largest mutual fund investor in the Facebook initial public offering, notably Fidelity Contrafund, held by a special few Facebook cronies. See full trial summary, Petition for Writ of Certiorari, Leader v. Facebook, U.S. Supreme Court


Weaponized U.S. Patent Office

IBM Eclipse Foundation co-founder David J. Kappos, then chief intellectual property director for IBM, was shoe-horned into being director of the U.S. Patent Office in 2009 in a recess appointment. He had shifted all his IBM holdings to Vanguard. During the Leader v. Facebook litigation, Kappos obstructed justice by starting a Facebook profile for both the U.S. Patent Office itself, as well as himself. Without recusing himself due to his obstruction of justice, in an unprecedent move of lawfare illegality, and with no due process, he invoked directoral privilege to  "invalidate" one of Leader's three patents on all 35 claims, even though only 11 of those claims were on trial (on which Leader proved infringement).


Why was social networking stolen instead of just licensing it from Leader?

The British Pilgrims Society principals, including the Rothschild Family, set out to control communications since the carrier pigeon days, then Morse code telegraph, newspapers, wireless telegraphy, radio, TV, satellite, and now Internet. They knew that the key to maintaining their fortune and grip on power was to have a monopoly on human communications systems.

Their best Pilgrims Society techology futurists in the late 1990's thought Internet collaboration would be controlled by "groupware." That is, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, AT&T Network Notes.

With no knowledge of their plan, Columbus, Ohio engineer, entreprenuer and inventor Michael McKibben discovered why groupware would never scale to handle Internet volumes.

When Michael sought patent protection in Washington, D.C. from patent law professor James P. Chandler, III, that was the first moment that the Pilgrims Society learned that McKibben was too far ahead of them to do anything but steal it (since they could not tell him their evil plans)


Who stole social networking?

British Pilgrims Society
U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES)
IBM Eclipse Foundation
DOD Office of Net Assessment - Weaponization of Patents
The City of London
Crown Court
Privy Council
The Highlands Group Patent Weaponizers
"Five Eyes",  MI6, MI5, GCHQ, FBI, NSA, C.I.A.
BAE (British Aerospace-Marconi) 
Lockheed Martin
General Electric (GE), GEC
British Crown
British Crown Agents
Prince's Trust (The)
Bank of England (The)
Nat West
Bank of Scotland
Bank of Canada
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Coutts Bank
London Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
PWC, Ernst & Young, Deloitte,
British Post Office
Barons (Lords) Rothschild
Baron Mark Malloch Brown  
Baron Michael Farmer
Baron Richard B. Allan
N.M. Rothschild & Sons et al
Rothschild Asset Management
Boris Johnson
Sir Nicholas Clegg
Sir Nigel Knowles
Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie
Sir Richard Dearlove
(Sir) Casper Weinberger
(Sir) Chief Justice John G. Roberts
(Sir) Henry A. Kissinger
Major General James E. Freeze (U.S. Army, ret.), Project Echelon
U.S. Army Security Agency
James P. Chandler III, II, Jr. (depending on who asked)
The Knights of Malta English Priory
Chatham House
Royal Institute of Int'l Affairs
National Intell. Property Law Inst. (NIPLI)
Intellectual Property Institute (UK)
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Eric H. Holder Jr.
QinetiQ UK)
In-Q-Tel (U.S. C.I.A.)
U.S. Executive
U.S. Courts
U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Defense
Carnegie Endowment of Peace
Carnegie Foundation
Atlantic Council
Bilderberg Group
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
James E. Freeze (Maj. Gen.)
James P. Chandler, III
Judge Leonard P. Stark
Judge Evan J. Wallach
Judge Allan D. Lourie
Judge Kimberly A. Moore
Judge Randall R. Rader
Clerk Jan Horbaly
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Rockefeller Foundation
Wellcome Trust
Bill & Melinda Gates
United Nations 
World Bank
World Economic Forum (WEF) 
Jamie Dimon
JPMorgan Chase
Larry H. Summers
Paul A. Volcker Jr.
John D. Podesta Jr.
Hillary & Bill Clinton
George Soros
Lloyd C. Blankfein
Goldman Sachs
Sheryl K. Sandberg
Gmail, Facebook
Peter Thiel
Marc Andreessen
Andreessen Horowitz
Reid Hoffman
Michael M. Crow
George Tenet
Ted Schlein
Gilman Louie
John Doerr
Ursula M. Burns
Stephen C. Siu
Eric Schmidt
Steven M. Mollenkopf
Virginia M. Rometty
Joseph M. Tucci
Mary L. Schapiro
John Chambers
Reed Hastings
Larry Ellison
Dick Costolo
John Hennessy
Michael Dell
Philip J. Venables
James W. Breyer
National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
Accel Partners
Kleiner Perkins
Sequoia Capital
Larry Fink
Fidelity Investments (FMR LLC)
F. William McNabb III
The Vanguard Group 
Truth History Crimeline
Truth History Archives
AFI Posts Archives


What was the "secret sauce" of the social networking invention?

Inventor Michael McKibben formed Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio USA to solve the engineering problem of Internet scalability in communications.

1999 was the magic ah hah moment when Michael and his team discovered that no big communications system could scale using groupware, the presumed solution, not AT&T, IBM, Novell, Microsoft, nor Lotus. The Magic of the Social Networking Invention by Leader Technologies (scalability over groupware, video).


Venture Capitalists are feeder grifters for The City of London

Michael talked to numerous venture capitalists on both coasts and Chicago. He noticed a suspicious pattern. Venture capitalists seemed to always insist on having their experts "vet" his invention as the carrot to get their funding. Hindsight shows that his skepticism was justified;  that venture capitalists are little more than organized-idea-theft drones of the Babylonian ​Rādhānite merchant banks. 

Highlands Group, DARPA, DoD Office of Net Assessment (Weaponization of patents)


Michael McKibben rebuilt AT&T AccessPlus Email

Private contractor Michael McKibben rebuilt AT&T AccessPlus 3.0 email system and discovered in the process that groupware, AT&T's presumed technology for the Internet, would fail to handle many-to-many Internet scale collaboration. Michael McKibben backgrounder.


Emergence of the Commercial Internet

In about 1985, the government-funded ARPANET (first used in 1969 for academic and research purposes), was opened to public access and use. Collaboration was limited to simple one-to-many and many-to-one email and file exchange. 


Control of human communications and propaganda systems

Control of global communications is a demonic monopoly of the British Pilgrims Society group of technologies including IBM, RCA, GE, GEC, Marconi Wireless, Westinghouse, AT&T, Western Electric, United Fruit Company, Cable & Wireless, British Aerospace, Plessey, SERCO, QinetiQ, Admiralty, MI-6, C.I.A., U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Signals, DARPA. The 200-year Information War - The UK-US Pilgrims Society Controls the Press, Manipulates Markets, Creates Fake News


How the British Pilgrims Society in The City of London controls America

The British Pilgrims Society in The City of London has consolidated  power and control of propaganda and communications worldwide, using the Rothschilds and their New York minions J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, League of Nations, United Nations, Marshall Plan, Patriot Act, among others. How The British Pilgrims Society Has The Monopoly on Global Commerce, Banking, and War


The City of London was founded in 1067 A.D. by Babylonian "Radknights"

Babylonian ​Rādhānite merchant-banker traders called "Radknights" already operated in the kingdoms of the British Isles. When the Norman (French)  Babylonian ​Rādhānite merchant-bankers marched into England with William the Conqueror, they joined their Radknight brothers and took on the control of banking, taxing, money and laws in the name of the king and his lords. These Babylonian pagans are still in charge of banking, money, and debt. As good Sabbatean Frankists, they pretend, by instruction, to be Jews, Christians, and Muslims, but are actually demon worshipping Babylonians. See The City of London Babylonian ​Rādhānite Merchant-Banker Hoax of all Time.


Babylonian ​Rādhānite Merchant-Bankers: demon-worshipping pagans who dominated the nations of the Silk Road, and still dominate the banks today

The Babylonian ​Rādhānite merchant-bank usury supremacy of debt slavery was codified in the Hammurabi Code (1755 B.C.)

The Rādhānites lived in Rādhān in southeastern Babylon (now Baghdad) and controlled Silk Road banking and commerce. According to ancient banking contracts unearthed, they called themselves "Jews" but were not. Modern DNA proves they were not Semitic, but rather an admixture of Persian, Turkic, Khazarian, Sogdian and Chinese (the races of the Silk Road). They rebranded themselves "Ashkenazi" and "Sephardic" in the 11th-14th centuries. Worldwide Banking Usury - The Worship of Mammon - is the Base Sin That Humanity Can Overcome by the Year of Jubilee

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