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Terms of Service - Licenses, Rights, Privileges & Notices


This End-user License Agreement (“Agreement” or “License”) is between you (“Licensee”) and Leader​® Technologies, Inc., an Ohio corporation (“Licensor”). Each a “Party” and collectively the “Parties.” Licensee agrees to this Agreement by simple Sign Up to ​MySQIF™ Privacy App™.

WHEREAS, Licensor owns the patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual properties to license social networking technologies (“Software”);

WHEREAS, Licensor owns the trade secrets for MySQIF™ Privacy App™ in conjunction with sublicensing rights to properties incorporated and owned by AM Partners, PM Partners, Michael McKibben, and Leader Technologies, as the context dictates; and

WHEREAS, Licensee is desirous to use Licensor’s Software ethically; and

WHEREAS, for the good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, Licensor is willing to license the Software to Licensee; and

WHEREAS, Licensee is willing to accept the Software license under the conditions set forth herein.

NOW, THEREFORE the Parties agree as follows:


Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and in consideration of Licensee’s obligation to pay monetary fees, such fees which may be adjusted from time to time by mutual consent of the Parties, Licensor hereby grants, and Licensee hereby accepts, a nontransferable license to use the Software in compiled form as it is expressed and offered by third parties who do not own the rights to their social networking offerings worldwide.

Licensor may continue to use Licensee’s Software throughout the Term of this License, including through timely renewals of this License. Licensor shall continue to own all right, title and interest in and to the Software and all intellectual property rights embodied therein or related thereto including, but not limited to, the source and object codes and any customizations, updates and corrections to the Software by the unlicensed third providers who are providing social networking to Licensee. Except as expressly provided herein, no intellectual property rights are granted to Licensee by implication, estoppel, or otherwise.

Licensee will safeguard the Software and its related materials with that degree of normal due care commensurate with reasonable standards of industrial security for the protection of trade secrets and proprietary information so that no unauthorized use is made of them and no disclosure of any part of their contents is made to anyone other than Licensee’s employees, agents or consultants whose duties reasonably require such disclosure, or as necessary in the ordinary course of business. Licensee shall make all such persons fully aware of their responsibility to fulfill the obligations of Licensee under this Agreement.



Licensor warrants that it has the right to provide the Software to Licensee hereunder. Otherwise, Licensor provides the Software to Licensee “as is” and/or as it is infringed by Licensee’s third party provider of social networking.

Licensor makes no warranties or representations that the Software as provided by the infringing third party provider is free of errors or defects, or that it adequately performs the functions it is intended to perform. Licensee shall test the Software to insure its acceptability for Licensee’s purpose prior to putting the Software in productive use.

Licensor is under no obligation to update or correct defects or errors in the Software as it is provided by unlicensed third party providers of social networking.

With your MySQIF™ subscription you receive a site license for your legal use of the following rights and privileges during the duration of your subscription.

a.) MySQIF™ End User License Agreement.

You receive one site license to use MySQIF™ Privacy App™ on all your personal devices during the duration of your subscription. The product and service is offered "As is" and makes no guarantees or warranties whatsoever, express or implied, against data loss or inaccessibility. It is the user’s sole responsibility to manage all of his/her information, storage, archives, or any other activity that may be related to use of MySQIF™ Privacy App™. This license is nonassignable. All third party usernames used within this account remain the properties of, and under the control of, those customers, under the stewardship of MySQIF™, and may be removed ab initio, at any time, from a customer’s record, especially if, for example, a litigation hold notice is ever received by MySQIF™ in a legal fishing expedition.

For example, the file that the Sender encrypts with MySQIF™ Privacy App™ will also have existed in an unencrypted form in the Sender’s file storage, otherwise there would have been no file to encrypt. The encrypted file that the Receiver subsequently receives from the Sender, and decrypts, will also exist in the Receiver’s file storage, otherwise nothing would have been decrypted. Therefore, at no time did the source file exist only in an encrypted form. The unencrypted version(s) of the source file are always the sole responsibilities of the Sender and Receiver to manage properly. MySQIF™ cannot be responsible for, and assumes no responsibility for, and does not provide any warranty for, any data loss on either the Sender or Receiver devices.

While our engineers and scientists have made every effort to make MySQIF™ Privacy App™-encrypted files "mathematically intractable" to decrypt, we make no guarantees that a file could not be cracked. Such a claim, if made, would be dishonest mathematically. Given enough time and resources, any encrypted file is theoretically crack-able. That said, we believe the time and resources needed to crack a MySQIF™ Privacy App™-encrypted file by brute force spans many, many lifetimes, and therefore is beyond the practical usefulness or value to a man-in-the-middle.

Further, we at MySQIF™ endeavor to offer and practice moral technology. This means we try to treat the customer with respect. If you believe that we have acted inappropriately, kindly notify us and we will work to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

b.) Leader® Technologies™ End User License Agreement for social networking.

You receive one site license for your personal use, on all your devices, of social networking during the life of this subscription, as disclosed in United States Patent Nos. 7,139,761, 7,925,246 and 8,195,714. Third parties who use social networking have made no contracts or licenses with Leader® Technologies, so they are offering it illegally, we believe. This license is your moral step to do what those vendors have not done and respect the ethical, moral, and legal rights of the true inventor: Leader® Technologies. No guarantees or warranties, express or implied, are made to the operations of third party implementations of Leader®'s invention. No rights herein are transferrable to the infringing vendor. In other words, this license applies only to the subscriber individually, and not to his/her infringing company. In general, any site that requires you to login before you can use their social services is a "social" site. If you are then able to interact and share information with one or more other users on that site without having to log in again, you are using Leader's inventions stolen by the IBM Eclipse Foundation, its members, and its co-conspirators. Leader® Technologies proved in federal court that Facebook infringes their U.S. Pat. No. 7,139,761 on 11 of 11 claims asserted. Facebook employed lawfare to avoid taking responsibility for their theft and infringement, and continue to do so, by whatever name they use currently, including Meta, Instagram, etc. Mark Zuckerberg and his many handlers lied to the courts and the world about this theft, and continue to do so. Other social networking providers who infringe equally are generally known and do not need to be specified here.


MySQIF™ Privacy App™ is offered in an alliance among MA Partners, FM Partners, Leader Technologies, Inc., and Michael T. McKibben. All inquiries should be directed to FM Partners at the address below. Any errors, omissions, discrpencies in language are inadvertent and will be corrected upon simple notice, and will be interpreted in a context most favorable to ​MySQIF™ and its partners. All terms and conditions in Account Settings and elsewhere in the MySQIF™ Privacy App™ are incorporated into this License as if fully written herein.

FM Partners
P.O. Box 224
Lewis Center, OH 43035 USA


This License may be updated at any time without notice. All changes, including links, made shall be effective ab initio. You agree that neither you nor a legal representative will attempt to circumvent the "as is" license and will, at most, seek a simple return of the subscription amount for the valid current monthly term.


Leader® and MySQIF™ will not sell or provide your personally identifiable information to any third party, anonymized or not. If we receive a valid court order to provide information about you, we are only obligated to share the information that we have, which would be limited to your name (as provided by you, which may be anonymized) and an email address (which may also be anonymized. Your account password is hashed, so we would not have that. Your credit card information will not be provided without your prior written approval. We cannot share encryption keys for encrypted files since that information only ever resides on the devices of the Sender and Receiver. Your keys are destroyed on the Sender's and Reciever's devices, by design. MySQIF™ does not retain encrypted files. So presumably, if a court has your basic contact information—which they would have used to contact MySQIF™, it is pointless for a court to subpoena MySQIF™ since they would already have the only information that MySQIF™ has. We are not obligated to provide information that the initiator of the litigation already has. In other words, in the act of contacting MySQIF™, they are providing the prima facie evidence that they already have the information being requested. That does not mean that unscrupulous officers of the court would not use or allow such an inquiry to harass the parties in some form of lawfare. Upon receiving such a hypothetical order, MySQIF™ Privacy App™ would simply respond that: (1) the inquirer already has the information being requested, (2) we have “no information responsive to the request,” (3) the inquiry is evidently frivolous, (4) the inquiry is an abuse of court resources, and (5) therefore, the request should be subject to sanctions and triple damages for maliciousness since the requester would have read this notice and therefore knows that MySQIF™ Privacy App™ holds no user information that the requester already holds, by design. In short, if a court needs information from you, they must not abuse the public trust and legal system, violate their Rules of Professional Conduct, or violate their licenses to practice law by doing an end-around. They must communicate with you, not MySQIF™.


Licensee recognizes that the Software, and customizations, updates or corrections, if any, are the property of, and all rights thereto, are owned by Licensor. Licensee also acknowledges that such are a trade secret of Licensor, are valuable and confidential to Licensor, and that its use and disclosure must be carefully and continuously controlled.

Title to the Software, and customizations, updates or corrections, if any, shall at all times remain with Licensor.

Licensee shall keep the Software, and customizations, updates and/or corrections, if any, free and clear of any claims, liens and encumbrances attributable to the use or possession of the Software by Licensee. Any act of Licensee, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, purporting to create a claim of encumbrance shall be void.

The Software is for the sole use of Licensee and shall be used only for the purpose set forth in this Agreement.

Licensee agrees to promptly notify Licensor if it obtains information as to any unauthorized possession, use or disclosure of the Software by any person or entity, and further agrees to cooperate with Licensor in protecting Licensor’s proprietary rights. This License assumes that the social networking provider infringes Licensor’s property right, and that this license is remedial by at least giving the Licensee a moral, legal right to use the Software without regard to provider’s licensing status with Licensor.

If Licensee breach any provision of this Agreement, such breach must be cured within thirty (30) days of receipt of Licensor’s written notice describing such breach. If such breach is not cured within the thirty (30) days after receipt of the notice, Licensor may cancel this License.


© Copyright 1997-2024. AM Partners, PM Partners, Leader® Technologies™, Michael McKibben. Trade secrets, patents, trademarks, moral, Constitutional and other intellectual property rights reserved as the context dictates, including U.S. Patent Nos. 7,139,761, 7,925,246 and 8,195,714 to social networking. MySQIF™, MySQIF™ Privacy App™, Leader® Technologies™, and Leader® are trademarks and registered trademarks of Leader® Technologies™ and Michael McKibben. No claims are made to the properties of third parties. May contain opinion that should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is retained. U.S. Constitution, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th Amendments free speech, privacy, property, and moral rights respected, among others. All rights claimed herein are reserved. See also Legal Notices.


MySQIF™ is not responsible for any data loss whatsoever, especially since any data used exists in an unencrypted form on Sender and Receiver devices at all times during these processes, by design. MySQIF™ reserves the right to issue updates to the application with or without notice and is not responsible for device configurations or misconfigurations (firewall, security, network, etc.) on the sending and receiving devices.


Any difference that might arise must be resolved by binding, non-appealable simple majority arbitration in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio with three arbiters, one selected by the subscriber, one by MySQIF™ and a third selected by the first two arbiters. The three-arbiter panel shall set their own rules. These terms shall be definitive grounds for a motion to dismiss if litigation is attempted by the Licensee, a third party, or a court for any reason. The arbiter panel shall consist of only civil engineers evidenced and confirmed by university degree and at least ten years of provable professional experience. The maximum liability is the subscription amount paid. Any FISA or other court order attempted in breach of binding arbitration shall be moot since no non-public subscriber information is retained by MySQIF.™ In short, since courts broadly honor binding arbitration clauses like this one, for example, both federal and "Ohio courts recognize a 'presumption favoring arbitration'" (Taylor Building v. Benfield, 2008 Ohio 938), they are forbidden from attempting to use MySQIF™ to engage in lawfare to harass a Licensee or MySQIF.™ Since judges are self-servingly protected from liability, even for fraud, any judge attempting lawfare against MySQIF™ shall have agreed by this notice to be sued in his or her personal capacity for fraud, breach of the peace, breach of good faith, breach of the public trust, and failure to disclose emoluments that the judge, or other officer of the court (administrative, civil, or criminal) receive. These officers of the court shall be duty-bound, prior to bringing an action against MySQIF,™ to disclose (no matter their jurisdiction) a full biography in substantially similar format and content to the Senate Judiciary Questionnaire, and to disclose at least the most previous three years of financial disclosure, including the shares held inside mutual fund holdings. These ethics disclosures shall include the identities of the financial sponsors of their lawfare. In short, they agree not to hide behind judicial or attorney-client privilege to conceal their potentially conflicting relationships, prior to taking any action. Any Party taking action against MySQIF™ shall therewith have agree to default judgment and immediate dismissal, costs and treble damages, and such other claims, disciplinary and otherwise, that might apply to their misconduct. The arbiter panel is empowered to fully enforce the terms of this paragraph, including having jurisdiction over any officer of the court in their personal capacities who agreed to the terms, explicitly, or by default, of this paragraph. In other words, any subscriber or third party who attempts to harass MySQIF™ with lawfare, by virtue of taking any action against MySQIF™, administratively, civilly, or criminally, agrees to the terms of this paragraph, notably, agrees to a prima facie motion to dismiss without posting a bond, without a hearing, costs, and treble damages paid to MySQIF,™ among other judgments that the arbiters may decide to protect MySQIF™ from lawfare. To reiterate, the terms of a binding arbitration clause are binding upon the Parties, see above, including their legal representatives, pursuant to the terms agreed by the Licensee and MySQIF™ arm's length transaction, a meeting of the minds, and exchange of consideration (fees for services). Should MySQIF™ ever reasonably believe that a Licensee is engaged in illegal or immoral activity, MySQIF™'s sole recourse is to cancel the subscription, which the subscriber agrees is a reasonable and proper course of action, even if the Licensee disagrees with the rationale. This paragraph may be updated at any time without notice and the updates shall be enforceable ab initio. The arbiter panel is empowered to fully enforce the terms of this paragraph. Any grammatical errors herein are inadvertent, and shall be interpreted in their reasonable context. This paragraph may be updated at any time without notice and the updates shall be enforceable ab initio. All other verbiage used in MySQIF™ Privacy App™ is incorporated in this paragraph as if first written herein.


The Software is exempt from EAR (Export Administration Regulations) licensing under 15 CFR 734.8, including ENC Section 740.17 of the EAR. Not subject to Executive Orders, directives and other proclamations that only apply to employees of the Executive Branch. The U.S. Constitution and its 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th Amendments free speech, privacy, property, and moral rights respected, among others. All rights claimed herein are reserved.


MySQIF™ reserves the right to issue updates to the application with or without notice and is not responsible for device configurations or misconfigurations (firewall, security, network, etc.) on the sending and receiving devices.

9. TERM.

The License subject to this Agreement shall continue with timely payments of subscription and renewals.


Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold Licensor harmless from and against all loss, cost, expense or liability (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of a claim by a third party against Licensor based upon Licensee’s use of the Software.

Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold Licensor harmless, and defend at its expense, any action brought against Licensor, its officers, directors, employees, shareholders, legal representatives, agents, successors and assigns (“Licensor Indemnified parties”).

Licensor shall have no liability to Licensee for any damage sustained by Licensee as a result of Licensee’s use of the Software on infringing third party platforms, whether such damages would arise as a result of breach of contract, tort or otherwise. Licensee has tested the Software and relies on its own judgment in utilizing it.


This Agreement will not establish any relationship of partnership, joint venture, employment, franchise, or agency between the Parties.


This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive statement of this Agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes any and all prior express implied agreements or understandings between the parties, including any terms incorporated into this Agreement as if fully written herein.


If any provision or provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby and the Licensor shall negotiate replacement provision(s) for those provisions which are held invalid, illegal or unenforceable which as closely as possible express the intent of those provisions.


This Agreement and the rights and obligations under this Agreement shall not be transferable, sublicensable or assignable to any other person, firm or corporation by Licensee, without the sole and express prior written consent of the Licensor. The rights and obligations of this Agreement shall insure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto, their successors and permitted assigns.


The BINDING ARBITRATION clause herein holding sway in any differences notwithstanding, this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.  This Agreement will be deemed performable by all Parties in, and venue will exclusively be in the State or Ohio. The Parties hereby further consent to the personal jurisdiction of the courts in Franklin County and waive any objections that such venue is objectionable or improper.


The Privacy Policy in this site is fully incorporated as if first written herein. Discrepancies in interpretation, if any, shall be interpreted in context and in a manner most beneficial to ​MySQIF™.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto agree to these terms at the moment Licensee installs MySQIF Privacy App, Licensee’s subscription payment, or timely renewal, is received by FM Partners.


This version of the Agreement is dated February 21, 2024 and may be updated at any time without notice, ab initio.

Graphics, Video Credits: May include, Adobe Stock,,, Library of Congress, Adobe Stock, NPR, makeagif, Patricia Gilbert,, Acquarius Skyclock, Michael J. B., Pixabay (forest); OMG! Cat, No claims are made to the properties of third parties. This site may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself.

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